Student-Run Since '51

Busy students find time for fellowship, friendship and faith on Fridays

Jacqueline Griggs, Staff Writer

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Every Friday at noon in the study area above the library in upper Loper Hall, there is a student-led bible study that takes place for those students who are looking to build friendships with a faith-based foundation or to read passages from the Bible and apply them to their everyday lives.
Every other Friday, the Muscatine Pizza Ranch owners, Myron and Amy Eichelberger, provide the youth group with two large pizzas free of charge.
Regular Friday attendees and MCC students Alejandra Huesca and Josh Karkosh both find great satisfaction in the positive outlook and focus of the group.
“This group allows me to make time for God, even though I have a busy schedule throughout the week. It’s a good feeling to get together after classes on a Friday and speak about positive things,” Huesca said.
“This group keeps me plugged in with a great group of people, and gives me the opportunity to grow in my faith along the side of other Christian students,” Karkosh added.
Huesca and Karkosh also greatly appreciate the positive impact the group has had on stressful areas of their lives.
“This group has helped me cope with stress and time management because of the topics we have discussed. We are privileged to be able to gather publicly at our school to simply have a good time while learning ways of becoming better people,” Huesca said.
Karkosh agreed. “As a college student, I find myself often saying the phrase ‘I don’t have time,’ whether that is completing assignments on time, getting involved with campus activities or even just taking some time to relax from some of the stresses that are sometimes present in college life. However, this group gives me the opportunity to slow down from everything, eat pizza and discuss questions about the bible and learn as a group how to apply what we learn to our lives. This group reminds and comforts me that I am not alone as a college student, gives me encouragement throughout my week to be the best I can be as well as giving others the motivation for being all that they can be as well.”
As far as the young adult group goes, there is no senior “adult authority” figure. It is student led and there is no one who is really “in charge.” The members of the group are encouraged to speak what is on their mind, if they desire.
“The fact that we do not have an adult figure allows us to be more comfortable with each other since we are all going through similar situations. We have had great discussions and little by little everyone who is part of the group is beginning to participate and open up,” Huesca said.
Karkosh added, “Having an adult figure or a mentor in your life is not a bad thing at all in any case, but I think our group is able to get more personal with each other when we all know that we are learning together. We all struggle in certain areas of our life and sometimes it seems a lot harder to ask questions to older individuals just because it may not seem like they have been in your shoes.
Our group does a good job at raising tough questions that really make you think about the big picture without always having an answer. As a student ran group, everyone who attends is more apt to join discussion and to put in their two cents.”
As of right now, the young adult bible study has six or seven regular members. Students are always welcome to join and eat some pizza, learn, grow and build friendships with other Christian students.

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Student-Run Since '51
Busy students find time for fellowship, friendship and faith on Fridays