Student-Run Since '51

MCC offers full plate of fine arts

Tarsa Wiekert, Fine Arts Critic

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MCC Campus has been known to have fun activities and artistic programs throughout the academic year. However, your “typical student” often sees that there are activities going on and either forgets about them (and to my shame I have been guilty of this myself) or does not care. We can’t do much about those who don’t care, but for those who share my sometimes failing memory, instead of being upset that you missed a free breakfast or the spring play, check the MCC Fine Arts calendar!
In addition to MCC events, the calendar includes some off-campus shows that you could see instead of binge watching “Orange Is the New Black.” Activities and plays offered on and off campus are rarely taken advantage of by MCC students, but going to events offered at MCC gives attendees a chance to interact with fellow students.
I personally am looking forward to jazz singer Nenna Freelon who is visiting April 15. It’s an opportunity to be introduced to a different kind of music style right on campus! Another exciting event is The Pearl City Players production of “God of Carnage,” directed by our very own David Lane!
This semester open yourself up to all the different artistic opportunities that are happening right here and around town! Art is beautiful and comes in may forms and, when placed right under your nose, there is no excuse to miss it.

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Student-Run Since '51
MCC offers full plate of fine arts