Student-Run Since '51

“God of Carnage” demonstrates Pearl City Players love of theater

Tarsa Weikert, Staff Writer- Fine Arts Critic

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Earlier this month MCC campus hosted the Pearl City Players, who put on a production called “God of Carnage” at our very own Bob Roach Little Theatre. The play was directed by MCC’s very own David Lane! Due to the freakish snowstorm we had at the beginning of the month I was unable to actually attend the play, but nonetheless I was curious as to how Lane and the Pearl City Players thought their production went.
When asked if he would provide an interview focused how he felt the production went, Lane replied, “I’m not sure that would do any good.”
“I’d rather not do that,” Lane said.
Laura Liegois, Pearl City Players board member and Treasurer, however, was willing to give us her opinion on the play and on the Pearl City Players’ love of theater. She attended “God of Carnage” and has also been attending shows performed by the Pearl City Players since 2008.
Liegois herself has performed in other productions that the Pearl City Players have staged. Her favorite part of a show is “when the audience is enjoying the production and are into the performance they are seeing. It makes those of us in the production or back stage know we have done a good job.” Feedback from the crowd gives the actors a self-confidence boost as well reassurance that they are doing very good job with what they love. Theater is the Pearl City Players passion and they thrive on all the support they can get.
According to Liegois, “The production [of “God of Carnage”] shared how adults can turn into children quickly. Also, how we want others to perceive us is not what they see.”
This play involved humor and a chance to look at the core of humanity. Such an interesting play had to have left the crowd rattled! Liegios said she left the play feeling, “that perhaps when we are trying to act a way we are not, we are leading people to believe something that is not. Not everyone cares about the same details and issues, such as a fight between two boys in school.”
The Pearl City Players have put on successful productions in the past, including “Clue: the Musical,” “My Fair Lady,” and “Steel Magnolias,” and no doubt will continue to do so in the future! MCC students and faculty, as well as family and friends, should take the chance to see the Pearl City Players in action!
“Theater reaches all types of people depending on their likes. I think that we offer something for everyone to watch or join in on our fun,” Liegois said. So take a chance on theater and the Pearl City Players. You will not regret it!
The Pearl City Players will be offering a “Youth Theater Workshop” for grades K-12 on March 28 from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Tickets are $20 per student. Please contact Laura Liegois at 563-299-2131 for more information.

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Student-Run Since '51
“God of Carnage” demonstrates Pearl City Players love of theater