All in the Game

All in the Game

By Mika Rangel

“I’m happy that we met your Majesty.”

“Did I perhaps have any choice in the matter?”

“Ha no I suppose you didn’t.”

The King gazed up into the colorless cold eyes of his opponent. The final pieces were in their positions. Prepared for the strategist battle the King had planned for them.

The man across from him gestured toward him. “Would you like the first move, your Majesty?”

“No you are my guest, you should have the honor.”

“I wouldn’t say invading your country would qualify much as a guest.”

“I insist.” The King stared at the man trying in vain to match his stoned expression.

The battle commenced each piece advancing to cross the borderline. Defenses were put up, and knights seized forward loosing and taking lives as the players around them fell.

“Check. Your queen is in danger.” The King said satisfied.

“I never understood the point.”

“What do you mean?” The King was ready to bring this battle to a close. However he was willing to have his foe have his last words.

“The game ends when the Queen is killed, not the King.”

“I see.”


“You’ve never been in love.” The King smiled.

“What does love have to do with this?”

“When a man falls deeply in love he can become the most powerful ruler.”

“Is that what had you to win so many wars?”

“Yes. You would do anything to keep the most precious thing to you safe,” the King replied.

“And if the Queen should die?”

“The man would have no reason left to fight. He would fall as easily as any pawn.”

“I see.”

“Do you?”

“Oh yes. Did you know that a Queen could also fall so easily?”

The King raised from his chair keeping his eyes locked on the other player. “What do you mean?”

“It’s all in the game of chess. Isn’t that the point you so easily explained to me?”

The King dashed away from the board toward the sitting room where she waited for the conquered and conqueror of the game to be announced.

It was there he saw where is precious Queen was taken.

As he sobbed next to his fallen piece. His opponent took his turn. The Knight raised his sword and beheaded the King.