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Epic builds Unreal Engine

Josh Montoya, Staff Writer

April 2, 2015

Filed under Video Games

Video games have become a billion dollar industry and with Epic Games recent announcement it is only going to get bigger. Epic Games, a video game and software development company, well known for the popular video game series... Read more »

Madrigal delivers an enchanted evening

Tarsa Weikert, Film and Theater Critic

April 2, 2015

Filed under Theater

The annual Madrigal Spring Feast was held on March 5th – 7th in Strahan Hall. This interactive play was held in an attempt to bring together friends and family to celebrate, according to its program booklet, “peace, health... Read more »

Intramurals runs first annual Chili Chase

Omar Ocampo, Staff Writer

April 2, 2015

Filed under School Events

The first annual MCC Chili Chase Run/Walk was held at Weed Park on Thursday afternoon, March 12, for students to take a break from school and to help encourage a healthy lifestyle. The event was hosted by Media Production Specialist... Read more »

Circa ‘21 presents Les Mis

Kaytlin Allen, Staff Writer

April 2, 2015

Filed under Theater

The locally well known Circa ’21 playhouse was buzzing with excitement when the doors opened at 11:45 for the matinee showing of “Les Miserables.” A charter bus of senior citizens from Peoria filled most of the auditorium,... Read more »

The Walking Dead

Greg Slonka, Staff Writer

March 10, 2015

Filed under T.V.

Spoiler alert: This is a review of Season 5 of The Walking Dead, the current season on AMC. If you are a Netflix viewer, there is information in this review that you may not be aware of yet. Please proceed cautiously. Hope.... Read more »

National BBQ contest winner opens Villain’s BBQ Hideout in Muscatine

Alexis Huscko, Staff Writer

March 10, 2015

Filed under Resturant

Villain’s BBQ Hideout is home of Robbie Hoggard the Grillin’ Villain, who claims his restaurant has “Food so good it’s criminal.” That’s a tall order for the barely month old restaurant of the Durant native, who has... Read more »

Grey bends Steele, but doesn’t break her

Tarsa Weikert, Film an Theater Critic

March 10, 2015

Filed under Movies

"Fifty Shades of Grey" has caused mass uproar from the public. I know what you are thinking, “Why would this girl go see this movie?” We live in a time where books are being produced into movies one after another, and like... Read more »

“The Imitation Game” outs the most important, most forgotten man in modern history

Kaytlin Allen, Staff Writer

February 24, 2015

Filed under Movies

I’m willing to bet you use your laptop or tablet close to everyday. If I were to ask you who invented the computer, who is the first person that comes to mind? Is it Steve Jobs or Bill Gates? What if I told you the man who came... Read more »

American Sniper

Anthony Trujillo, Staff Critic

February 12, 2015

Filed under Movies, Reviews

I am a huge Clint Eastwood fan so when I went to the movie "American Sniper," directed by Eastwood, I was extremely excited and had high expectations. I almost expected to come out disappointed because I had such high hopes, but... Read more »

The Final Confrontation of Mother Earth

Anthony Trujillo, Web Designer, Critic

December 4, 2014

Filed under Books, Reviews

“The Blood of Olympus” by Rick Riordan is the fifth and final installment of the “Heroes of Olympus” series. For those who do not know, the “Heroes of Olympus” is the sequel series to the best seller series “Percy... Read more »

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