Meet the new guy

Yasmine Cruz

Nikolas Martin is ready to finish his last semester and transfer to the University of Iowa. With a sarcastic attitude and love of baseball, Nik wants to be a sports journalist.

Nik, originally born in Hawaii, spent his childhood moving between Wapello, Columbus Junction, and Letts, Iowa. He grew up with two younger brothers, 17 and 14, who, even though they love to annoy him, he still cares for them.

He went to Louisa-Muscatine high school and it was there that his advisor, Theresa Putnam, suggested MCC for his first two years. Nik is currently getting his gen-ed degree at MCC, and plans on transferring to the University of Iowa. He plans to major in communications to become a sports journalist. “My uncle helps run a sports radio show in Boston and I’ve learned a bit from him,” Nik says.

When he’s not at school, Nik can be found either working or hanging with his friends. Even though his friends are all off at their own colleges, they make plans to hang out when they are all free. He also enjoys spending time with his brothers and their pets. He has a cat named Yellow Cat, and two dogs named Echo and Atlas.

Nik also enjoys listening to music and watching sports. Baseball is his favorite sport to play and he usually roots for the Boston Red Sox. When it comes to football, he prefers to sit back and watch and root for the Patriots. When it comes to music, Nik isn’t too picky. He likes to listen to everything now that his friends brought him around on country music. “As for favorite artist, that’s a difficult choice to make. I’d have to go with Pop Smoke,” Nik says.