Campus vending to stay

Student center may swap some machines for booth space


Brad Burton

At Muscatine Community College, you’ll find vending machines around campus. There are seven vending machines that get used frequently by students, staff, and faculty.

Since the start of the fall semester there has been a rumor about taking the vending machines away and confusion due to Loper Hall getting a cafe when it opens in October. “The cafe that is going into Loper is not competing with the vending machines,” says MCC President Naomi DeWinter. “We don’t plan on selling soda in the cafe, it’ll be mostly tea and coffee based drinks.”

The vendor for the vending machines is Valley Blending. The commission right now is 10 percent. Valley Blending decides what to bring in and what they want to take away. Items that aren’t selling usually get taken away because of low sales. The only vending machine to be taken away was outside of Gaekle Hall due to low sales last semester, DeWinter said.

The machines are filled about every other week so students, staff, and faculty can continue to use them often.

There are many food and drink choices with the vending machines, including Pepsi products, Coke products and water. There also is a variety of snacks to choose, including chips, cookies, and candy.

DeWinter says the college has had talks about taking the vending machines away in the Student Center. “When you walk into the Student Center, there are a couple of machines off to the left side, under discussion. We’ve had talks to remove those and have the bookstore sell the products the vending machines would have.”

DeWinter had the idea of adding a booth or a couple more tables in the space. Taking the machines would provide more study room for students.

If students, faculty, or staff want a certain snack or drink they can’t get from the vending machine, they are always welcome to go to the business office located in the Student Center and make a request to get what they want.