LULAC and Intramurals bring tortillas to the student center


By: Yasmine Cruz, Staff writer

By: Yasmine Cruz

On March 20th, Intramurals hosted their own version of CutThroat Kitchen while LULAC hosted their Tortilla Making Demo. The five contestants consisted of Jill Holler, Jim Liljequist, Nancy Luikart, Tiffany Huntington, and Ken Johnson. In each round, the contestants would be blindfolded and served a wrapped tortilla with mystery ingredients.

The goal of the contest was to see which individual would guess the most correct ingredients in each round. The person with the most points at the end would win a $25 Walmart gift card. In the first round, the two ingredients were bananas and peanut butter, a simple idea for a quick snack. All the contestants were able to at least figure out one of the two ingredients.

The second round, the two ingredients were bean sprouts and oyster sauce, a combination that had them all groaning about. Despite this, some were able to guess bean sprouts with Ken guessing the oyster sauce.

The third round, the staff got a taste of broccoli cheese soup, without the soup part. Since they were not allowed to heat it up for safety reasons, the contestants had to enjoy the broccoli in cheese sauce cold. From the looks on their faces, none of the contestants really enjoyed that round.

Round four allowed the contestants to taste a salad without all the good stuff. There was only kale, steamed spinach, and radishes in the tortilla. None of the contestants were really able to guess the correct ingredients this round but I don’t blame them.

The final round, excluding the enchiladas, the ingredients were “berry” good. While it would have been better warm, the ingredients could come together as a fruit pie of some sort. There were apples, blueberries, strawberries, cinnamon, orange blossom, and honey.

All the contestants correctly guessed at least one of the two berries, and most correctly guessed apples with Ken guessing apple pie filling instead. Now the round everyone was waiting for, enchiladas.

All the contestants greatly enjoyed the enchiladas after all the random food they had to eat. These enchiladas consisted of chicken boiled in chicken stock, red onions, green chilies, diced tomatoes, sweet corn, enchilada sauce, goat cheese and the secret ingredient sun dried oven roasted chipotle peppers. None were able to guess the secret ingredient while most were able to guess at least three or four ingredients.

At the end of the contest, Ken and Tiffany had 12 points, Nancy had 10 points, Jim had 8 points and Jill Holler won the contest with 14 points. For her prize, she won a $25 gift card to Walmart.