Ride to success


By: Antonio Dabeet, Staff writer

Greg Harper pedals through the Legends crowd at the Merrill Hotel
Muscatine Community College’s alumni group filled the Merrill Hotel Feb. 21 with supporters cheering the school and raising thousands in support.

By: Antonio Dabeet

On February 21st Muscatine Community College hosted its annual Legends event. Among the individuals, Grep Harper was willing to be interviewed about the family business. Greg Harper is a manager in his company. He has been working in this company since early childhood around 8 years old. His father, Charles Harper, purchased the business in 1966. Harper’s company has a Bicycle Shop – Bicycle Repair Service. He has three sisters and two younger brothers that have all worked in the bike shop. Harper always enjoyed working in the bike business because “bicycling is a part of my everyday life.” He also enjoys meeting new people and getting the chance to make lifelong friends.

His hobbies revolve around bicycling. He enjoys competitive bicycling and recreational riding as well as pavement and off-road riding.

He considers bicycling “  fun” and lives by a certain quote. “Life’s a journey enjoy the ride.”

From left, Marv Smith, Jamie Haney, Alicia Bull, Laura Legois, Samantha Crookshanks, Mindy Stark, Phil Schilesman and Sawvell.

He went to MCC back in the 70s where he got his AA degree. He later got his business administration degree from American International College in Springfield, Illinois. He was invited to this event by Dr. Naomi DeWinter, the president of MCC.