The Golden Cream Puff


By Taylor Cameron and Claudia Artola , Calumet editor and Staff writer

By Taylor Cameron and Claudia Artola

On April 15, 2019, the Calumet, AKOP, and LULAC hosted a cream puff challenge in the Student Center. The chefs who were to be judged was Renae Britt, Ben Huntington, and Yasmine Cruz. The judges were Mayor Diana Broderson, Krista Regennitter, Jill Holler, Jessica Farrar, and Zach Campbell. The winner of the contest received a 25 dollar gift card to Starbucks.

The chefs cream puffs were judged on taste, puffiness, creaminess, and presentation. To make it fair, none of the judges knew which chef created which cream puff. The first cream puff was Renae’s followed by Ben’s and ending with Yasmine’s. Renae’s cream got lots of praise, especially from the Mayor. “The taste is super delicious,” Broderson commented on Renae’s cream puff. Ben’s cream puff was up next. Farrar said: “the powdered sugar was a nice touch.” Lastly Yasmine’s cream puff. Hers was, as said by Broderson “Yasmine’s was the most original.”

Renae’s dessert was a big perfectly golden cream puff filled with a vanilla pudding mixture. Ben’s pastry was like a fluffy pillow filled with a flowing liquid that oozed with flavor. Yasmine’s sweet treat was an Oreo puff filled with a cookie and cream paste.

As the judges tasted each puff they dissected each one from the taste of the cream to the puffiness of the puffs. Some judges had obvious favorites but others took extra time to figure out who the winner of the gift card will be.

After a long debate of who the winner will be all the judges decided to combine all the categories into one and finalize the total score. Krista Regennitter lead the revealing with a drumroll. The winner, who received the 25 dollar gift card, was Renae Britt. Not only did she receive the gift card but she also held the bragging rights and the judges’ praise. In second place was Yasmine Cruz and third was Ben Huntington. Regardless of who won and who lost it was a successful community event that was fun for everyone and they all greatly enjoyed all the delicious cream puffs.

Renae Britt Proud to win the 25 dollar gift card