Free the Tampon

By Jacie Kilburn

This economy has made a huge impact on generation z with financial stress. With the prices of products skyrocketing, many people will have to go without, essential needs especially women and hygiene products.

It’s important to take care of your body and your overall health, but things can take a turn when the essentials you need cost a lot of money. Most younger women, especially some of us in college, work minimum wage paying jobs. Which leaves us tight for money, while trying to keep up with daily tasks and school.

With the cost of tampons and other feminine products being so high, many women can’t afford them. Sometimes many women aren’t aware of when their menstrual cycle is going to arrive, which leads people into full panic mode when they are not prepared. According to a survey done by the Free the Tampon they state that 86% of women start their period unexpectedly in a public place without having the supplies they need. The Free the Tampon campaign would help solve a lot of these issues everywhere, and we could start with the schools. Free the Tampons would help all females have access to tampons in public places.

If the movement was in place, it would be very beneficial at the Muscatine Community College and other public areas. Many young people come in and out of those doors every day, between classes, meeting with advisors and even extra-curricular activities. A study shown by the Free the Tampon Campaign that 48% of women only carry feminine hygiene products when expecting/experiencing their menstrual cycle.  This would also put some pressure off of financial stress, and help people become more educated, so the topic won’t be as “embarrassing”. It would also help improve feminine hygiene and overall health, in cases where accidents may occur. Teaming up with Trinity Muscatine Public Health, and getting other fundings from places could really help get this plan into action.