Finders not always keepers

Elias Calderon returns lost wallet


Yasmine Cruz, Calumet editor

By Yasmine Cruz

Evening MCC janitor Elias Calderon performed his own act of kindness last month.

Elias Calederon

Student Cameron Christiansen had lost his wallet at school. We all worry when we lose our wallet or purse as it contains all of our money, cards, IDs, and much more.

When Cameron went back to school, he wasn’t sure it would be found. But a secretary happened to see it on a desk with a note attached.  Elias, found the wallet in a classroom he was cleaning.

The family was really grateful to Elias and want to thank him for his honesty and kindness in returning the wallet.

Christiansen’s mother, Marci, shared her thanks with MCC: “My son wrote a thank you note to the janitor, but I wanted to let you know what he did and that we really appreciate his honesty! … If you have any programs in place to honor your employees, we hope that you consider giving Elias some recognition. In a world where it is hard to find an honest person, Elias proves there still are some good people out there! Thanks again Elias!!!”