Bring on the cuffs, It’s Cuffing Season!


Claudia Artola

We all know the deal. Holidays are coming up and family gets together, and with all of this happening, nosy comments tend to join the table too. “Do you already have a significant other? What are you going to be when you grow up? When are you going to settle? Are you ever going to get married?”

We are all tired of hearing all of this, and some people already have an easy solution. Some of you might have never heard of the term, but you for sure understand the concept. Cuffing season is when you get into a relationship with someone for the sake of not going to family holiday dinner alone. While this is usually a mutual agreement between two people, some people will randomly ask someone out around the holidays. When this happens, the person who was asked ends up getting their heart broken when they find out they were only needed for family dinners, or any holiday events. 

First off, this is not the solution. Getting into a relationship just for a few benefits during the holiday seasons, doesn’t outweigh the cons. There are several things that could go wrong, such as dealing with unrequited feelings, crazy exes, high expectations, shame and guilt, as many others. 

Secondly, when you fall into the trend, you are putting your family’s happiness above yours. It is understandable that your family wants to see you in a relationship; however, it’s not up to them to decide what is best for you. It hurts to see your entire family in relationships and you are the only single person at the table. But that should not lead to you making any rash decisions. 

Finally, loneliness.

The main reason cuffing season exists, is because everyone is lonely. During the holidays, you want to spend time with your loved ones and that significant other but when you are single, you don’t have that special someone to spend time with. You see everyone doing couple things, and you envy them. But in the end, is it really worth doing all of that just for having a “relationship” for a couple months. 

So, if you are starting to feel like you want to cuff with somebody, think about the endgame. Being with someone means spending money on gifts for them, but being alone means more money for you. 

MCC theater teacher Alyssa Oltmanns says, “Save the money you were gonna spend on gifts, and spend it on yourself.” 

You can pamper yourself and just work on yourself. There are also some people who don’t like to be on the receiving end of the cuff. Student Gavin Krings claims, “I don’t like the idea of it because it makes people feel worse, makes you feel like you have to be with someone to feel good.” 

So for the holidays, don’t force yourself into a relationship but rather focus on yourself. You can work on yourself and make yourself better for when you do get into a relationship. Who knows, you may find your sweetheart during the summer.