Nature enthusiast joins MCC

Yasmine Cruz

By Yasmine Cruz

Zachary Sperstad is an MCC graduate returning to teach biology. Sperstad is originally from Wilton, having spent his entire childhood there before graduating and attending University of Northern Iowa. He decided to major in German, since he was good at it, as he was discouraged from doing anything involving math or science. He was a German education major for three years but after his first year there, they cut german, so don’t try asking him to speak it. “I kinda bounced around for a bit after that,” Sperstad said.

Biology instructor Zachary Sperstad

Zach eventually made his way to MCC where he ended up taking classes with the bio teacher at the time, Jana Fowler. She showed him what biology was like and how exciting it could be. “What I really loved about the class was learning evolutionary biology and I want to bring it more into the classroom,” Sperstad claimed. Zach graduated with his AA and decided to switch his major to biology. Sperstad went back to UNI to complete his bachelors in bio. He ended up continuing classes there and graduating with a masters in Biology. Sperstad started a Phd program but only completed a year.

After his program, Sperstad started looking at job postings and happened to stumble upon EICC. After applying for three different positions, Zach was hired here at MCC as a  biology teacher. “I wanted to start a career and be done with grad school, wanted to start my life,” Sperstad says.

When he’s not in the classroom, Sperstad enjoys spending his time outside. Sperstad is usually hanging out with his friends and going to Wildcat Den. Spertsad love to bird watch and will often have his camera ready. “I also love taking pictures of reptiles and different species of fungi,” Sperstad says. When he was in grad school, he also studied fish evolution and was very passionate about ichthyology, the branch of zoology that deals with fish. In his office he happens to have two fish in jars on display.

Zach hopes to be able to inspire students just like Fowler inspired him. “No matter what class you’re in, find something about that subject that relates to your interest,” Sperstad says. He loves the people around here and is proud to be part of a community that supports the lgbtq community. “I am proud to be part of the community, and proud to be part of AKOP,” Sperstad says.