Yasmine Cruz

How do you keep control

Your inner demons fight

Fight for control of you

But no one else sees this

You wear a mask everyday

Concealing the madness

But a part of you yearns for freedom

Freedom from the cage you keep her in

She’s been caged for years

Waiting for her time to break free

I can’t hold her back much longer

It’s only a matter of time before she br-

You thought you could cage me

Keep me locked up for life

You can’t run from your past

But go ahead, I prefer the chase

The hunger can’t, won’t go away

Not until we feast, feast, feast

You can deny this all you want

But you can’t get rid of me

I am your anger, grief, sadness

I am your past memories you’ve blocked

I am the hunter, the killer, the real you

I am Ivy and you can’t hide me anymore.