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Calumet reader asks for more recycling bins

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Dear Editor:

After being on campus at MCC for over a year now, I wish to address what I see as a problem in our classrooms. To date, the classrooms do not have a paper recycling receptacle and the recyclable trash being thrown into the garbage is astounding. While the library does have a recycling bin next to the printers, most students and faculty do not make a special trip to Loper to dispose of their paper waste. The average human being generates over four pounds of trash per day, 75% of that being recyclable. With Earth Day 2016 (April 22) coming up in a few short months, I would like to see a more proactive approach from the campus to encourage all students and faculty to recycle what paper products they would normally throw into the garbage in order to make our campus a more environmentally friendly place to learn. Taking into consideration how many essays are written, papers printed, and also old editions of the Calumet , don’t you feel that we should have a Recycling bin in each classroom?
“What good is achieving academic excellence if the planet we live on is compromised for ourselves and future generations?” -Mary Allen, SWANCC Recycling and Education Director

Laura Price, second year Business
Management AAS student.

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Student-Run Since '51
Calumet reader asks for more recycling bins