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Democrats convene at Little Theatre

Anna Wetherell

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Bernie Sander’s sticker? Or a Hilary Clinton sticker? Questions that people of precinct nine were asked February 1 at an Iowa Caucus which was held at Muscatine Community College in the Bob Roach little Theater. On the left hand side of the room hung up Bernie posters.
On the right side were Clinton posters. The room seemed already divided of the two candidates with the exception of one Martin O’Malley supporter sitting in the middle. Bernie and Clinton t-shirts were worn by some of the people in attendance.
Round tables were set up in the room. By 6:30 p.m. the room was already packed.
Jan Bellington, a Hilary Clinton supporter, came all the way from Champaign, Illinois to show her support and spread some. This was her first time attending an Iowa caucus. Bellington says that she has met a lot of great supporters and volunteers these past couples of days. She glanced around the room and said that there are a lot “really informed thoughtful people here.”
Right at 7 o’clock the doors were shut. People started to joke around that they won’t be bothered anymore after tonight about the election and who to vote for.
The system to count up everyone who would be involved in caucusing was done by everyone shouting out numbers, starting from one, and making their way around the entire room. The total number of people caucusing was 146 people.
Even though the room seemed to be already divided up into Bernie and Clinton supporters, the chairman of this precinct had the room move their chairs over to one side or the other to clarify. The undecided were told to go sit in the front of the room.
A volunteer from each side went around their group and added up how many people there were. The chairman announced that Bernie had 78 people. Now was the time for people to try to “persuade” people from the other side to come join them.
A lady on the Bernie side was approached by her grandmother, a Clinton supporter, and told her if she came to the Clinton side she would make her cookies. The granddaughter laughed but refused the cookies and remained seated on the Bernie side.
A recount was done and the results were the same, Bernie with 78 people. Bernie supporters applauded this. The chairman announced that Bernie would have 5 delegates while Clinton had 4.

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Student-Run Since '51
Democrats convene at Little Theatre