Student-Run Since '51

MCC campus sees changes

Josh Montoya

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The Campus Beautification Committee has been working to improve the look of the campus. Larson hall was the first building to benefit from the committee’s glistening hand with a new paint job but the committee isn’t going to stop there.
Naomi DeWinter the committee’s leader says “The committee has four goals. We want to make the campus attractive, functional, and student and advisor friendly. To show the best of who we are through our facilities and campus. To increase spaces for students to engage with peers and faculty. Finally to help students and employees feel proud that they are at MCC.”
The Larson Hall paint job is just the beginning for the Committee. DeWinter said “As I look around I see lots of needs in the buildings, outside of the buildings, everywhere but we decided to put a full court press on Larson because it has a larger number of students.”
DeWinter also mentioned the Committee’s plan for Strahan Hall. She says, “Last semester it had those big flower vases in there. We got rid of those and the idea is to create this design”.
DeWinter says “The design pictured above was more in line with student and committee feedback”.
Dewinter also says in reference to carpet samples, “these are the color combinations that people selected and they thought it was functional but also added some color and some vibrancy to that area.”
While the Committee is still working on Larson and Strahan Halls Dewinter says, “There are many things we can do that won’t make the campus beutiful per say but will make the it more comfortable”. DeWinter mentions getting an upgrade for the Larson heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system as well as replacing the lighting on campus with L.E.D lights, and adding lighting to the the smaller parking lot but all of these things cost money which Dewinter says is the Committee’s greatest challenge facing them.

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Student-Run Since '51
MCC campus sees changes