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New on camps: Muzzaffar Hussian

Edgar Rodriguez

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Muzzaffar Hussain hopes his years at Muscatine Community College will grow into a brighter future for his home country, Pakistan.
Hussain, 23, is from Gilgit, Pakistan. He earned a bachelor of commerce before arriving in the fall of 2014 as an international student working towards a business major.
At home he lived with two brothers and two sisters in Gilgit, a city of 200,000 and a climate like Iowa’s that has four seasons, “except the winters are more forgiving and have very little snow. Then in summer it is usually over 100 degrees on average.”
Hussain said the education system is similar, with predevelopment like kindergarten, then 12 grades prior to entering college. “Classes teach the same curriculum that is expected from an American college. The biggest difference is financial aid. In Pakistan it is not really necessary.” Classes at any accredited Pakistani university are only $30 a month.
Hussain said awards and scholarships do exist for top-ranking students, he received a CCIP (Community College Initiative) scholarship that brought him to MCC to study business.
Regardless of the small differences of weather and language and culture, what he likes about MCC is “the people and the teachers are friendly. … I don’t have a favorite class because I like all the classes. They fascinate me”.
Hussain said he likes English and has taken classes in English before arriving and is quite fluent. He also enjoyed visiting 11 major U.S. cities and said, “I want to discover as much about America as possible.” When asked about his future goals he replied “I have an organization back home that I want to grow across Pakistan. To do that, I want to get my bachelors and masters in business.”
He was among the founders of the Organization for Sustainability of Environment Education Advancement. The organization works to raise awareness of environmental issues that impact Pakistan.
“I believe in working for the environment. Somebody had to take a step for the future of Pakistan so me and my friends took that step.”

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Student-Run Since '51
New on camps: Muzzaffar Hussian