Student-Run Since '51

New on campus: Yukun Tian

Edgar Rodriguez

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The flexibility in education choices drew Yukun Tian to Muscatine Community College.
Tian, pronounced TEE-en, arrived at MCC in 2014 from Zhengding, Hebei, China. He has completed five semesters towards an accounting degree. Tian recalls what it’s like back home in a city that has a population of 208,000.
“Living in Muscatine, the weather is about the same, except temperatures in northern China never drop below 25.”
His hometown uses more public transportation, bicycles and walking. But he says, “automobiles have increased in number the past five years, causing traffic jams because the roads are too small for so many cars.” He said that’s a sign that China is changing.
Tian says schools are larger, but structured similarly to those in the United States. “We also have kindergarten, middle school and high school. However the two biggest differences in the school system are time and the rules.”
Elementary school is six years, middle school is three years, and high school is three. “But college degrees take three years at the very least, and a bachelor’s degree takes five years and requires both entrance and exit exams.”
Tian said, “nearly all of the same majors are available, but some, like liberal arts, do not exist in China. It is very difficult to change majors, because one must choose a major before they are allowed to enter college.”
He said the cost of education in China is similar to the U.S.
Tian likes the flexibility at MCC. “You can choose your classes in the order you want and you can even switch majors. … Financial aid is available to all most everyone.” But in China, scholarships are awarded to high school students with top scores. … They do not have scholarships for sports like at MCC ”.
The student culture revolves around studying with heavy emphasis on math and “a lot of computer time.” Students cannot work without a degree or attend school while working.
Tian said there are no jobs for students unless it is a full-time job that becomes your living. “Even if you’re talented and good at a job, you cannot get one as a student.”
“We don’t have chance to get a job to save up for school. But here it is great because we use our parents’ money to go to college.”
Tian said he likes the people of MCC and the smaller class size. “While I’m here I want try out different electives and considering changing majors.”

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Student-Run Since '51
New on campus: Yukun Tian