Student-Run Since '51

Schillig’s first caucus

Gabrielle Mueller

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Brenton Schillig attended his first caucus and was really excited about it. Schillig said he enjoyed meeting new people who shared some of his ideas. He also encountered voters he knew.
“I believe the caucus is a good idea because it gives American people and candidates an idea on where they stand in the race.”
He said Martin O’Malley generated very little turn out. “He will most likely drop out, but he could also become a vice president to someone.
He said the caucus counting seemed too long. “More debating would have been nice,” he said.
Brian Williams said this was his third caucus.
“I love politics,” Williams said, “I like that you can go into a room full of people with the same mindset as you, and that you can even maybe change someone else’s views.”
Williams said he helped persuade three undecided voters to support Bernie Sanders.

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Student-Run Since '51
Schillig’s first caucus