Student-Run Since '51

Valentine thoughts flutter through MCC

Zach Szalo, Anna Wetherell, Gabe Meuller

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With Wal-Mart aisles loaded with huge stuffed animals, candies of all different kinds and adorable holiday cards, the big day is coming.
How big is Valentines Day for some at Muscatine Community College?
“It’s just another day,” says Jennifer Veach. She has been with her partner for 15 years but has no big plans for the day.
Caitlin Crittenden, an employee of Muscatine Community College, doesn’t consider Valentine’s Day a holiday, but she does think the idea behind the day is cute.
“People put too much pressure on the day,” Crittenden said.
Most agree: It’s all about the experience not the actual gift. Veach thinks that a person doesn’t have to spend too much on the day. She believes that between $25 and $50 is enough.
Crittenden says she “would much rather make and give a homemade gift. They’re much better I think.”
Elizabeth Fleeson plans to get a jump start celebrating the holiday with her boyfriend.
“He will be playing baseball, but it is okay, because we have decided to do something before that day,” she said.
She said she’s not hung up on the specific day.
“I really don’t care for the holiday. I think it is an over-the-top day and people care about it too much. They spend too much money and really make a huge deal about something they can do every day with their loved one.”
MCC student Janise Hampton plans on spending the holiday with her four-year-old daughter. Her eyes lit up while she anticipated picking out cards with her daughter to hand out in class.
They picked the cards with puppies.
“She gets really excited. She loves that all the kids get to be included.”
Hampton recalled a fun tradition in her family when she was younger that she loves to do with her own daughter, and how her parents still do with both of them.
“Every morning on the big day, we wake up and my parents have laid out a stuffed animal for my daughter and a small bag of goodies, and for me they lay out a small thing of candies.”
Student Anthony Cosme described his family’s tradition. “When I was like seven years old, my parents took me to Chili’s and they gave me presents. It was really fun.”
Megan Blume is four months into her relationship. But she has no big expectations.
“It’s like any other day. I think you should value and do stuff for the person you’re with all the time, not just one day out of the year.”
And the holiday need not be expensive, Blume said.
“I don’t think price should matter. I would take the experience over a gift because you’ll have those memories forever versus some dead flowers.”
Caitlin Crittenden shared her forever memory. It was her first Valentine’s Day with her now-fiance’
She arrived at his apartment to find a teddy bear on the table her fiancé making a lasagna dinner.

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Student-Run Since '51
Valentine thoughts flutter through MCC