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New space, same job

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Renae Britt, Library Technician II, started working in the MCC library almost 16 years ago. It began construction in February 1977 and was dedicated the next year on June 4, 1978. Mezzanines, defined as a low story between two others in a building, typically between the ground and first floors, were added sometime in the mid-’80s. Other than that, it hasn’t been updated in those almost 40 years. Two years ago, Nancy, Renae, and former MCC President Bob Allbee took a spring break trip to visit other libraries to get design and spatial ideas.

Now, so much closer to the grand opening, Renae is all smiles when she said “I’m excited.”

“There’s a lot of new opportunities for students,” Britt said. Like the new study rooms. “I know we lost some shelving and books, but we’re still a part of Rivershare, so we can get books.” A lot of her old desk space has been lost as well, but Britt will be getting a new table that can rise and lower depending if she stands or sits.

Britt, like Pickard, is not a coffee drinker, but will drink the hot chocolate the café offers. “I oppose the library but I will definitely chug coffee” Bethany Owens said, laughing. The café will give students or anyone a new place to work, and, “it’ll be a lot more user-/student-friendly,” said Britt.

Although Britt was not directly involved in the team of designers and meeting- goers, Nancy Luikart stated fervently that “I asked [her] a million questions and [she] answered about 927,000.” Britt said she was more along for the ride, watching all the progress unfold, “like birthing a baby,” said Luikart.

The two librarians had discussed over the course of their spring break tour “what we’d like to have when we started,” said Britt, but halfway through the process, MCC administration changed. With all the changes, Loper Hall finally underwent its complete remodel earlier this May, and is scheduled for its grand opening on October 5. “That’s what they keep telling me,” said Britt.

She said, “I’m really hoping for a week to move in.” Last semester’s move out was a rushed experience with little time and a lot to move. All the same, Britt is very excited the end is approaching.

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Student-Run Since '51
New space, same job