The one left behind


Bethany Owens, Testing Center Proctor

Working next to my work BFF Renae Britt has been the highlight of my journey as a proctor here in the Testing Center. I am NOT excited to have the library leave me in my dark little corner of the Student Center. Selfishly, I shush anyone who asks when the library will be opening. I would rather my delicious baked goods and good conversation be sitting right next to me and not across the Quad. I’ve seen the pictures, I’ve heard of all the cool study areas, and I still am not sold. I think everyone, mainly me, would be happier if the library staff stayed with me and ran from the Testing Center. I’m just not in a place in my life where I am willing to let go of Nancy, Renae, Sharon, Sarah… plus Owen and Cheyenne. I haven’t worked with them yet, but I’m sure I can’t live without them either.