Movies, snacks, coffee, even phone service

34 places offering a discount for showing your student ID

By Taylor Cameron

Here are 34 discounts available with Student ID. Make sure to ask these locations if they take the discounts.

1. Allstate

Are you in good hands? If you have Allstate insurance and have good grades, you might be eligible for a 20% discount.

2. Amazon

College students can get free 2-day shipping for 6 months and be able to get Prime at a discounted price which is 50% off. Wow! Who does not love what Amazon has to offer?

3. AMC Theaters

College students can receive a 10-15% discount on tickets on Thursdays. After hours upon hours go watch a movie you have been wanting to see!

4. Amtrak

This one is for all the travelers out there! If you have your suitcase packed and ready to go on that well deserved get away then save a little bit more money when you use your student ID for a 15% discount.

5. Apple

Have you been wanting that new MacBook Air or the latest iPad? You are in luck my friend because Apple has an amazing student and teacher discount, including savings up to $200 on that new MacBook or iPad you have been wanting. Also, Apple Music is only $4.99 for each month (regularly $9.99) for students. You can even get FREE wireless Beats headphones if you buy an eligible MacBook or iPad!

6. McDonald’s

If you have a hankering for a McFlurry, Big Mac, or for the people trying to stick to their New Year’s resolution there’s the Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad, head over to McDonald’s and use your student ID to get 10% off on whatever you are craving.

7. Arby’s

Just like McDonald’s, you can use your student ID for 10% off your purchase. Remember they have the meats!

8. AT&T

Do you have AT&T? Students are eligible for discounts on wireless phones and services with AT&T and the best part is that all you have to do is verify your student email. Unfortunately, this discount varies by school, but it won’t hurt to check if you are eligible.

9. Banana Republic

Are you looking for that classic look but on a budget? Head in-store with your student ID to get a 15% discount.

10. Best Buy

Are you wanting the new iPhone X or any new electronic? Well you are in luck my friend! When you register for Best Buy’s College Student Deals program, you can save all year long!

11. Buffalo Wild Wings

Mmm bdubs! Are you looking for a spot to hang out with friends or watch the upcoming sport of your liking? Head in to Buffalo Wild Wings and use your student ID for 10% off.

12. Burger King

Do you want to feel like royalty while enjoying a burger? Well you are in luck because Burger King will give you a 10% off discount.

13. Charlotte Russe

Have you been eyeballing those new shoes for months? Well if you head to North Park Mall in Davenport, Iowa on West Kimberly Road and use your student ID for a 10% discount you can have those shoes for with a discount!

14. Chick-Fil-A

Have you been having an itch for those Waffle Fries? Or their grilled chicken nuggets? You can get a FREE drink with any purchase using your student ID. Who does not like free things?

15. Chipotle

Who loves Chipotle? Get a free drink with your chips and queso! Most places will offer a free drink (with a purchase) when you show your student ID.

16. Cinemark

Have you heard about the new Jumanji? Cinemark will give you a discount on your ticket! Of course, you should check with your local Cinemark to see what days and times the student discount is offered. Just head to Davenport, Iowa on East 53rd Street and watch Jumanji!

17. Dairy Queen

Who does not love ice cream on a muggy day? At participating stores, you can inquire about special Student Meal Deals. Head to your local DQ to get your special deal!

18. Dunkin’ Donuts

Stay up late studying for that big test and now your running on three hours of sleep? Head to your local Dunkin’ Donuts and use your student ID for a 10% discount on your purchase.

19. Express

Do you have a job interview coming up or a weekend party you are going to go to? Express can help you to find your own individual clothing style. You can get a 15% discount in-store AND online, so feel free to do some purchasing in your pajamas!

20. FedEx

Are you wanting to ship a gift to a loved one or a friend that is not close to you? Well when you show your student ID, you will get 20-30% off shipping documents and packages. Remember to look for the arrow and the spoon in the logo of FedEx.

21. Forever 21

Have you been looking for a fresh look in your wardrobe? You gotta take a trip to Forever 21 in the Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville, Iowa. Get a 10% discount on your fresh look.

22. Geico

Do you have 15 minutes? In 15 minutes can save 15 percent on car insurance. If you are a full-time student with good grades, you are qualified to get a 15% off certain coverages. Who does not love savings on car insurance?

23. Goodwill

Are you a bargain hunter? Take your student ID to Goodwill on Tuesdays for a 20% discount. Let other people buy the expensive clothes then you get them at a discounted price!

24. Levi’s

Do you like that country feel? Head to your nearest Levi’s store for a 25% discount in store when you show your student ID.

25. Nationwide

Is Nationwide on your side? If you are between the ages of 16-24, you are qualified for Nationwide’s “Good Student Discount”. Getting discounts because you are a good student is like a pat on the back for your hard work.

26. Norton

Has your computer or laptop been hacked or infected by a virus? If you are in search of a new antivirus software, Norton is a smart choice. As a student, you can get up to 50% off virus software for your computer or laptop.

27. Qdoba

Do you want something a tad cheaper than chipotle? Head over to Qdoba for a $5 burrito meal with your student ID.

28. Regal Cinemas

Another place to watch your new movies you have been wanting to see. If you have your student ID with you, you can get up to 15% off your movie ticket. Discounted movies? Count me in!

29. Sam’s Club

Are you the type of person to buy in bulk? Or do you like to go to Sam’s Club to try all their free samples when you are hungry? When you sign up for an academic membership with Sam’s Club, you will get a $15 gift card and access to more coupons and savings.

30. Spotify

Do you like music without commercials? Like to Apple Music, Spotify offers a student discount as well. You can get Spotify for $4.99 a month as an alternative to the usual price of $9.99. You can get this deal for 12 months and Spotify will check your eligibility each academic year. This is a good motivation to keep getting good grades!

31. State Farm

Hey, it is Jake from State Farm! He wants to let you to know that you can get 25% off your policy for being a good student.

32. Subway

Eat fresh with a discount that you can afford! Participating locations will give you 10% off your purchase when you use a valid student ID. Plus who does not love their cookies?

33. The Limited

Want a more professional look apart of your wardrobe? Whip out that nifty student ID card at The Limited for a 15% discount.

34. Waffle House

If you are on a road trip and your trying to find a place that is open that late try the Waffle House. The Waffle House is the place to go for some good old dinner like pancakes or their famous waffles with a 10% discount.