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By Taylor Cameron and Yasmine Cruz

Daniel Salazar a first year student at MCC and is a new Student Senate member. Salazar’s goals while on Student Senate are to grow as a leader to help the college and community come together, manage all the clubs and classes has, and hopes being apart of Student Senate will help him with his management skills. The people who inspired Salazar to join Student Senate are: Obama, Jennifer Zamora “she pushed me to do more in my community,” and Robin Williams.

Yasmine Cruz a second year student at MCC became apart of the Student Senate this year. “I wouldn’t say I have specific ones. I knew a few people on Student Senate last year  and they did some cool things. They did activities, events, and dances. I want to find a way to plan events all students can enjoy,” said Cruz for her goals while on Student Senate. The person who “inspired” Cruz to join Student Senate was Delaney Clark. Clark said, ‘You should run for Student Senate. Cruz talked to some friends, told them she wanted to be the voice for the students and try to get more students involved. Their response was when she needed to she can take control, so she could probably become a leader.

Melissa Martinez is a first year at MCC. She is a new member of Student Senate. Martinez says the campus is really great, beautiful and feels comfortable. Her goals are to get students involved in future events, events that are good for getting socially involved, and to get a break from studying. Martinez’s inspiration was a spur of moment. Her roommate, Jennifer Fernandez, mentioned a student senate meeting and invited her along. She is excited to be apart of student senate and also excited for the costume party.

(Teresa) Paige Taylor is a first year at MCC who became apart of Student Senate this year. She says the campus is definitely different, but she really likes her philosophy class. Taylor’s goals are to get everybody involved, and have activities for parents and kids to do together. Taylor’s psychology teacher encouraged her to go for student senate and also her mom.

Senate mission

Student Senate is the representation of student activities and policies. Student Senate is usually elected by students but due to only a few students running this year, all students were elected into Student Senate.

When it comes to getting students involved, Student Senate offers a variety of events for students. Student senate members from last year brought up ideas they had for events in October as well as November. Some of these ideas included: Just dance tournament, Swag bags, hypnotist, Root Beer float and nintendo switch day and a few others that they have chosen to do.

Student Senate chose to paint pumpkins on Oct. 24th. Students will be able to pick out a mini pumpkin and paint whatever design they want on it. They also are planning a Halloween Bowling party for Oct. 26th. The party would be at the Rose Bowl and there will be 3 categories for a costume contest. The categories will be scariest, couple, and most original. Student Senate is currently deciding on doing a movie and caramel apple decorating on Oct. 31st.

Student senate is also already thinking of events they want to host in the upcoming months. They are debating the idea of a Thanksgiving dinner the day students go on break. Some students have also pondered the idea of having an ultimate frisbee tournament which would happen within the first week of November.

If you’d like to get involved with student Senate, meetings are every Friday from 12:30 to 1:30.

Event Ideas

Just dance tournament

Swag bags


Root Beer float and Nintendo Switch

Thanksgiving dinner?

Bowling costume party

Pumpkin painting, Oct 24th, possibility of bobbing for apples

Movie in student center 31st

Candy apple decorating, 31st

26th halloween bowling party

Set up at 7 and starts at 8-12

Need prize for costume winners

3 categories: scariest, couple, most original

November Ideas

Thanksgiving dinner the day classes go on break

Ultimate frisbee first Wednesday

Hand painting