Yasmine Cruz’s friendship recipe

Recipe Name: Friendship

From the Kitchen of: Yasmine

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: Varies

Servings: As many as you want


A handful of kindness

A pinch of sarcasm

A scoop of loyalty

A dash of generosity

A cup of honesty

A heart full of friendliness

A whole lot of craziness


1. Walk up to intended person you wish to be friends with.

2. Throw that handful of kindness at them to show them how kind you can be.

3. Add a pinch of sarcasm to show you can have fun.

4. Add the scoop of loyalty to prove that you would never betray them.

5. Add a dash of generosity, to show you are human by being generous and yet selfish at times.

6. Add a cup of honesty to show you’d never lie to them, not even if it’d hurt their feelings.

7. Give them your heart full of friendliness to show that you wish to be friends.

8. Feel free at this point to customize a bit to show who you truly are, whether it be extra craziness or a pinch of insecurities.

9. Before you walk away, show them a whole lot of craziness to show how much fun you will have with each other as friends.

10. Enjoy the new friendship.