Deep freeze closes MCC Jan. 29 and 30

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Deep freeze closes MCC Jan. 29 and 30

Claudia Artola, Calumet journalist

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Due to the terrible weather conditions that abruptly hit this week, Muscatine Community College had to take action and close campus on Wednesday, Jan. 30, through 10 a.m. Thursday, Jan 31.

Weather conditions of this magnitude are really uncommon said  MCC President Naomi DeWinter. DeWinter has been the head of MCC for three years now and doesn’t remember dealing with a situation like this before.

Usually, campus closures involve snow.

“This is the first time closing without the need of snow due to the extreme cold temperatures,” says DeWinter.

DeWinter explained her process for closing the campus.

  • She checks with the other EICC presidents in Scott and Clinton countiesConsults with maintenance staff.
  • Checks the radar and weather forecast.
  • Considers other schools’ decisions such as early out, canceled classes, late start, etc.
  • Checks the roads by the use of an app.
  • Checks furnaces on campus.
  • DeWinter said instructors should update Canvas so students can stay ahead.

As soon as The Calumet staff heard about the closings Tuesday, reporters asked students and staff their opinions on this sudden weather closing and what they will do with their free time.

“I think they did the right choice,” said student Lori West, a barista at the Loper Cafe. West worries about everyone’s safety and is aware of the struggle that people who live far away from campus go through. However, she is also concerned on the effect that this can have on academic progress. Due to this, West will work on her classes in advance as much as she can.  

Delaney Clark also agrees on this choice. “I think it is necessary because the conditions are too cold.” Clark puts productivity first and says that she would take advantage of her short break by working on her online classes and cleaning up her room.

Jennifer Conard, part of the MCC staff, said, “Students’ safety is the schools top priority.” As a mom, Conard will spend her free time at home staying warm. She plans on catching up on laundry and preparing supper while enjoying her family’s company.

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