Gumbo supports the Patriots


By Gumbo , staff writer

Hello, my fellow followers! This semester has had a weird and slow start. With all the unpredictable weather we have encountered students are still sluggish, including the Calumet team, and look like zombies most days. But, with this slow start, I have good news!

On Feb. 2, 2019, the groundhog could not find his shadow and we all know that means spring is just around the corner. So, keep your hopes up for the warm weather that will soon bring the green grass, flowers, and bring the trees back to life.

Now that I have your attention, last editions finders were Jennifer Fernandez and Bryan Solis but he did not want his picture taken so Sam Prowant stepped in so Fernandez wouldn’t be alone. This is the second time Fernandez has me since the editor has started Where’s Gumbo? Trevor Meyers also has found me for a second time since the start of this fun game. For the first time since Where‘s Gumbo? has started we finally had a staff/faculty find me! William Trotter was very excited to find me while he wasn’t even looking for me.    

Now, for this edition, in honor of the New England Patriots kicking some St. Louis Rams derriere, you can find me where our patriotic colors fly for our freedom that we fought for to have equal rights for all who live within in the country. I also want to take a moment to thank all of the brave men, women, and LGBTQ soldiers who risk their lives for us every day. These people are the true heroes that keep us safe from harm. If you ever see one of these brave individuals while they are able to home please thank them for all they do for this country.