Valentine Duel

By Antonio Dabeet and Claudia Artola, staff writer

Shot by Cupid’s arrow

By Antonio Dabeet

Each year on Feb. 14, people exchange cards, candies or flowers with their special Valentine. On this day we celebrate romance, love, and hugs.

Love is a big word. It’s not just a word you say. It needs to be expressed with how you feel and by showing your faithfulness. The love you feel with your significant other is more than trust and happiness. It’s about all the crazy things you do to prove your love.

Valentine’s Day is a special day for those madly in love. They celebrate to proclaim how much they love each other with flowers, and not just any flowers; red roses because represent love.

There also are small gifts that mean, “I am thinking of you and how much you mean to me.”

Also, Valentine’s day is not just for lovers, but also for babies, children, old, young, and whoever wants to spread the love on this day.


Spitting on Cupid’s face

By Claudia Artola

Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate our most intimate and treasured relationships.  However, it is not everybody’s cup of tea. Romantics love it. Some hate it. Others are in between. Sometimes it just depends on what path you find yourself in by the time the holiday arrives.

The cheesy messages, vibrant reds, putrid pinks, and clingy couples can make some of us feel dizzy. It can be even more tiring for those not been blessed by Cupid’s arrow. Even my use of the word “blessed” might be debatable and can be easily substituted by the word “cursed.” After all, we all know love can be complicated.

The expectations some people have during this day are completely outrageous. Few expect huge gestures, while others prefer smaller more sentimental gifts. The stress and pressure that comes for some during this holiday are mind blowing and businesses know this. It ends up becoming an unnecessary rollercoaster of stress and high expectations.

But in reality, Valentine’s day is to commemorate love and the beauty of it.

I find myself not getting the most excited about the holiday. But I enjoy some good chocolate and hugs. Ultimately, love doesn’t have limitations. It involves everyone and that is worth celebrating.