Gumbo is near Kennie


By: Cumbo, Calumet editor

Hello everyone! As we come back from spring break most of us are feeling like sloths. We are moving slow and look tired with each step we take to each class. Since we are coming to end to the semester the Calumet staff and I want to make these last few editions as meaningful as possible to all who read the Calumet.

The last edition Delaney Clark was the only one to find my location. She was happy to find me! Clark sent the editor of the Calumet a selfie on snapchat when she found me.

For this edition, I am in a place where students can get help with anything. Many students come to this place to get help or chat with other students. I look forward to many students trying to find me for their chance to get free food with the Calumet staff on the day when the paper comes out for everyone to read.

Happy findings to all who want to find me!