Shining a Light on Harfst


By: Antonio Dabeet, Staff writer

By Antonio Dabeet

Steve Harfst, 41 years old, is an engineering technology instructor at Muscatine Community College. Harfst was born in Iowa City but has lived in Muscatine all his life. He has been teaching engineering for Eastern Iowa Community College for five years.

Harfst went to Scott Community College to get his Associate degree in renewable energy. “Upon graduation, I started as an adjunct instructor at night in the engineering technology lab at the Blong Technology Center,” says Harfst.

Harfst came highly recommended as an instructor by Dr. Daniel Marvin, the director of the Blong Tech Center at Scott Community College.

This gave him the opportunity to apply for a full-time position traveling between MCC and Clinton Community College teaching engineering technology. Later a position became available back at the Blong Center. After a few years at Blong, a full-time position became available back again at MCC.

Harfst has always had an interest in electricity. When he was in fifth grade, his teacher brought him a battery, a couple of wires, and a bulb then told him, “Show me how it is gonna work.” That’s when his passion came clear to him.

In his free time, Harfst likes hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreation.

Harfst believes in his students’ achievements. He has impacted a lot of his students and helped them to achieve their goals.

“Best of luck to all my students and future students from MCC at achieving their goals,” says Harfst.