Young Democrats visit legislators during ‘Funnel Week’


By Aubrey Doerscher, Staff writer



By Aubrey Doerscher

In Iowa, funnel week was established in 1979 to keep the legislative process flowing and avoid dragging the legislative session into the summer season. The Young Democrats on Muscatine campus traveled to Des Moines on Monday, March four to learn about the legislative process and lobby for community college funding to state representatives and senators.

The Young Democrats met with both Democratic and Republican state senators and representatives. John Dabeet, the advisor for the group, would send a note into the chamber where the representatives or senators and their clerk were working. Their congressperson would then meet the group either outside or inside the chamber. During the meeting, the congressperson would introduce themselves, what legislation they were sponsoring or drafting, and how the process of creating laws in the legislature work.

It was a fun experience to meet different representatives. The group got to hear them speak about their experiences as congresspeople during Funnel Week and even what is what life is like as a congressperson during a normal week.

Getting to share this experience with the other members of the Young Democrats group was amazing. The group meets the representatives and senators until 1:00 p.m. upon which, they had to meet in their respective chambers to conduct business. After the visit to the capitol building, the group stopped at Perkins for lunch and talk about the experience and general conversation.