Clay: ‘I’m just trying to grow within myself’


Gage Thompson

Darius Clay is pursuing a career in the musical arts. He is a multi-talented artist who produces his own beats, writes lyrics, and recently began learning to play the electric guitar, performing under the moniker of Lord Goldie. Darius said he chose Muscatine Community College because he’s from Muscatine and wanted to gain some knowledge of the behind the scenes aspects of making music. “I’m just trying to grow within myself and elevate as a person.”, he said when asked what he hoped to gain from his time studying. Among his artistic influences, he lists the likes of Jay-Z, Nas, Future, and Kid Cudi, though he said he has an appreciation of a broad range of musical styles. In his free time, Darius enjoys playing football and basketball, making music, of course, and expanding his collection of Nikes. Halfway through his first week of classes, he said it had differed from his expectations in that its “all work, it isn’t a play situation at all.”. Check out Darius’ music at