Diamond: ‘I feel like I can actually do this college’


Claudia Artola

Meet Diamond McGee, originally from West Africa but now in Muscatine! Diamond decided to make the choice of enrolling at Muscatine Community College for various reasons. She currently resides in Muscatine and MCC provided her with the comfort of being close to home. The community’s college also seemed like a good place to start financially speaking, as it offered her with a good education and an affordable beginning college. “Teachers really help you here, they actually care,” McGee explains another of her reasons on why she decided to have MCC as the first step in her major education. 

McGee is currently getting her Associate of Arts and is looking to transfer to Columbia College in Chicago after her time here. But not everything is about education for Diamond. She has several interests such as watching documentaries and listening to music. 

A favorite documentary of hers is Whore’s glory, a film that shows the life and struggles of prostitutes all around the world. Another hobby of hers is to listen to music, McGee enjoys Indie Rock and would totally recommend everyone to listen to Lana del Rey and her most recent album Norman Fucking Rockwell. 

McGee feels that MCC can give her the chance of feeling more confident about her schooling. “I feel like I can actually do this college thing,” she explains. McGee shares about how she really didn’t know what to expect the moment she enrolled and expected it to be harder than what it’s been. 

Diamond is planning to make this her best experience and is considering to join MCC ONLINE RESOURCE GAMING ASSOCIATION, or MORGA.