Jessica: ‘Just stay on top, and have fun’


Claudia Artola

Jessica Ahluwalia is originally from Canada. She made her way with her family to Muscatine, Iowa. Ahluwalia decided to enroll at MCC with the intention of getting her Associates’s Degree and i’s excited to commence this new experience.

She is majoring in psychology. Ahluwalia had a few reasons why this career path is close to her heart. “It’s very looked down on in my culture. I wanted to be the first one to get into it to prove my family wrong,” Ahluwalia said.

She also said psychology is her favorite subject. 

But her passion for psychology is not the only thing that characterizes her. Ahluwalia has other interests such as reading and watching movies in her free time. Some of her personal favorites when it comes to literature, are “Pride and Prejudice,” by Jane Austen, and “Lolita,” by Vladimir Nabokov. As for movies, she mentions her love for classics such as “Titanic,” and “Rocky.” 

Ahluwalia has been here for a short time but is already planning ahead. She is part of a student organization called Student Ambassadors and is planning on joining Student Senate. Even though Ahluwalia hasn’t been here for long, she can already offer some advice for some newcomers.

 “Just stay on top, and have fun,” she said.