Meet some new arrivals


Daniel Salazar

 Say hello to Makenzi Day, she works at pizza ranch and decided to go to MCC because it’s close to home and affordable and she was also awarded the connection scholarship. After her general education here she would like to transfer to Iowa State. In Day’s free time she likes to play the guitar, take pictures and she likes sunrises.

One of the three tattoos she happens to have is a sunrise, the newest one is a sunflower on her arm but probably the most important is one on her ribs the reads “ I love you the mostest.” She says that the handwriting for “I love you” is her great-grandma’s handwriting, “the mostest is her grandmas, and the heart that is drawn is by her mother. Day explains how the phrase “I love you the mostest” came from the relationship she had with grandmother. Before Day came to MCC she was afraid that everyone was going to be mean, that she wouldn’t have anyone to talk to in any of her classes.

 “I was afraid the professors were going to be really hardcore because that’s what everybody tells you in high school.”

As of now, Day says she doesn’t really have these fears at the moment. That the only thing she’d like is to make more friends.