Stop your Days from Being Gray

Claudia Artola


October is here and with it, comes some people’s favorite season, fall. Fall means too many things for all of us. It can mean cozy sweaters, warm drinks, and spooky movies. But for some fall also means awkward thanksgiving dinners, gloomy skies, and lonely nights, without mentioning that winter is finally approaching. Fall is either a blessing or a curse, it just depends on your taste. With all of these changes happening, seasonal depression is not uncommon. Regardless of your relationship with fall, we have your back here. 

Seasonal depression is a real thing. It is linked with the lack of sunlight that causes you to feel sad and moody. You might not even realize you have it. Some common symptoms are tiredness, lack of interest, trouble concentrating, and even anxiety. It can happen to all of us, so you are not alone. However, if you feel like these feelings are really familiar to you, please reach out for help. MCC offers student counseling services that are 100% confidential. By no means, I am an expert or a professional, I just want to provide an extra hand if someone needs it. With that disclaimer being out of the way, let’s get into the advice.

You know it, you have heard it, but do you want to do it? My first advice is a common one, try to exercise. It’s proven that exercise promotes endorphins, a hormone linked to happiness. 30 minutes a day of just walking your dog, stretching before going to work, and even yoga can have a positive impact on your life.

Sometimes, exercise is not enough and supplements can provide some of the energy or nutrients we need to carry on with our lives. For seasonal depression, Vitamin D is your go-to. We receive our vitamin D during spring and summer from sunlight, but with this weather, vitamin D deficiencies rise up. Vitamin D has several benefits to your body, such as improving bone health, and cardiovascular. 

A personal favorite and something most people don’t really know about is aromatherapy.

 Aromatherapy is a treatment that uses plant essential oils and a diffuser to promote body, mind, and spirit health. Lavender, roman chamomile, orange, bergamot, peppermint, lemon are some essential oils that are known to boost your mood. 

Something that it provides benefits not only during this season and everyone can benefit from it is counseling. Muscatine Community College provides free counseling services for every student. Feel free to schedule an appointment if necessary by just calling 563-288-6001 or just stop by the student services front desk. 

As always, my list could go on. If you have more tips on how to deal with this season, please feel free to reach out to the Calumet. If you have any suggestions for the next edition, please stop by or email us to