Don’t be a jerk – it’s the holidays

Claudia Artola

By Claudia Artola

The holidays are approaching, and that means movie marathons are coming with it. Some of our favorite holiday movies include The Grinch, Frosty the Snowman, A Chritmas Carol, Elf, and even The Nightmare Before Christmas, and in all of these, we tend to see a recurrent pattern. The holidays can bring out either the best of us, or the worst.

Column author Claudia Artola

Holidays are meant to bring all of us together, to forget about the getting and remember the giving. However, the dysfunctional family encounters, the stressful shopping, the freezing cold weather, loneliness, and the end of the year approaching can cause us to forget all the good things that these times have to offer.

These are times to give, however, we as humans, tend to focus and capitalize on the material things. With events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday taking over, we start to think that our love is measured on how expensive a gift is rather than how much thought we put into it. As kids, we failed to recognize the holidays meant more than free toys, and as adults, we fail to practice it.

The meaning of giving can include money, but it also means love, compassion, and understanding. It means to give to the lonely, to give to the poor, to forgive the ill intentioned,and to understand the misunderstood.

Loneliness can play a big role on why our inner Grinch decides to come out around this time of the year. Some are not as lucky to have a significant other around, some others don’t even have family members who are close to them; and all they see around, are those people who were blessed this season and have someone to spend it with. Anger fills you up, sadness takes over you, and in this gray weather, your mood starts turning blue. 

Try to understand that people come from different places during the holidays, some are more blessed than others, and if you find yourself being one of the lucky ones, always remember to provide to others, you never know if you can be the next one. Remember the true meaning behind the holidays and embrace it.

If you find yourself being one of the less fortunate ones, please remember you are not alone. There will always be people always for you, even if it feels hard to believe. You’re loved, you’re worthy, and you will get through this hard time.