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MCC receives grants

Jacqueline Griggs, Staff Writer

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On Monday, November 17, MCC was the recipient of three grants. Two were from the Muscatine Health Support Foundation and the other was from the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine.
The Muscatine Health Support Foundation granted $5,871.50 to the MCC library for the purchase of new Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and the training that it takes to use them. These AEDs will be placed in the McAvoy Center, Learning Tree and Loper Hall. The grant request was written by MCC Assistant Dean of Library Services Nancy Luikart.
The current AED on campus cannot be used and Luikart is very happy to have a replacement on the way.
“The original AED we got was also part of a Muscatine Health Foundation grant. Diana Batchelor of Muscatine General Hospital wrote a grant proposal about 15 years ago and was able to put an AED in every police/sheriff vehicle, the high school, a retirement community, and here. The one we have now is the second from that grant funding. It cannot have its programming updated for the new AHA guidelines so we would have to replace it anyway.”
Luikart believes that if the grant had not materialized, the college would eventually have paid for new AEDs.
“Because the price of the AEDs has gone down we will be able to get three spread through campus. We want to have one available within a short walk. We have been very fortunate that it has never been used!” Luikart said. “I wish you could have seen my grin! Joyful!”
$1,500 was granted from the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine to Learning Tree for playground enhancements.
If not awarded the grant money, Patricia Salyars stated, “we would have continued our fundraising efforts. We still have some monies to raise to purchase the playground equipment needed, but with the grant money we are closer than where we were a year ago to purchasing.”
“I am overwhelmed that we were given the grant and extremely grateful,” said Salyars.
The science department received $38,000 from the Muscatine Health Support Foundation to purchase new equipment, such as new microscopes. Rick Boyer, Math and Science Department coordinator, did not return e-mails for comment.

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Student-Run Since '51
MCC receives grants