Make this semester great


Calumet Editor Sharon Adasme

Welcome to another new semester everyone! I am so excited for one last semester as your Calumet Editor and look forward to all the amazing things we can share together.

The Calumet has lots to cover this semester, from club fundraisers, to conferences, to Harry Potter festivals, and MCC’s Commencement.

This semester we will also incorporate sports, media reviews, a Wizarding World connections section, as well as have more opportunities to hear feedback and suggestions from all of you.

I want this to be a great semester, not just because it will be my last at MCC, but because the Calumet can bring the community together. After all, we are the community’s college.

This semester, we will report hard news, funny stories, fantastic pictures, student involvement, and fun times on campus, and out in the community. “Student run since 1951” isn’t just the Calumet’s motto – it’s something we live.

To submit suggestions, stories, pictures, comics, jokes, or anything to be considered for publication in the Calumet, the Newsroom is located in the library. Otherwise email or text 563-260-7149.