New semester springing up

Yasmine Cruz, Calumet Editor

Hey MCC, we’re back at it again with another semester and what happens to be my final one here. It has been a difficult three years but I will be walking across that stage come May, along with many classmates. Still, we have to make it through this last semester before we can say anything for sure. I will be finishing off this semester once again as the editor of the Calumet. I’m looking forward to reaching out to students and staff to make this semester our best yet.

In previous issues, I have continued to post the recipe page as a way of helping college students find healthy and affordable meals. I’ve also used it to show off some simple baking recipes. This semester I will push my boundaries and try using new foods, as well as try to accommodate those who may be vegan or vegetarian.

I will also be taking control of the poetry page, now titled the arts page. I hope to find more students willing to post their art, whether it be stories, drawings or poetry.

Joining me this semester on the Calumet is Nikolas Martin. Nik will be finishing his final semester here. Daniel Salazar and Claudia Artola are two reserve reporters who will be covering events when Nik and I are unable. Despite this small staff, we promise to get our paper to the community.

We can’t do this alone, so once again we are doing a call out to all other clubs, staff, and students. If you got a story or an idea or even some photos that you want to share, feel free to stop by the Calumet room, Loper room 107 or email us at,  or call us at 563-288-6091.

The Calumet belongs to the Muscatine community, and we are always ready to reach out into the community and help cover events or even collaborate on events.