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Epic builds Unreal Engine

Josh Montoya, Staff Writer

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Video games have become a billion dollar industry and with Epic Games recent announcement it is only going to get bigger.
Epic Games, a video game and software development company, well known for the popular video game series Gears of War, has released their video game engine for free.
A video game engine is similar to a car engine. Cars are designed around engines and so to are video games. Without an engine a car can’t run and the same goes for a video game. In order for a video game to be made a developer must first acquire an engine or build one from scratch. The only difference is a car engine is tangible while a video game engine is made from data.
Before now most independent video game developers would have to either create their own engines- a long and arduous for a first time developer- or pay thousands of dollars to use another companies engine.
Epic Games had previously allowed developers to pay a monthly subscription fee of twenty dollars and five percent royalties to use their engine-the Unreal Engine. While twenty dollars way not seem like a big deal it is important to note the development time on most games is upwards of three years.
While the Unreal Engine is now free to download and use for non-profit purposes, developers intending to sell software using the Unreal Engine will still have to pay royalties to Epic games. For every product a developer sells Epic Games will take a five percent cut each quarter after the first three thousand dollars.
It may not seem important for one game company to release their engine for free but this is is how the billion dollar industry continues to grow and evolve. Independent developers are pushing the boundaries of gaming and its companies like Epic which allow the gaming industry to flourish. Maybe this will lead to the next boundary pushing game like Gone Home, Braid, or Super Meat Boy.

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Student-Run Since '51
Epic builds Unreal Engine