2017-2018 Staff

Jonathan Echeverria


Jonathan Echeverria returns to the Calumet team this semester since being on the Calumet last fall. Echeverria joined the Calumet to gain experience as well as become more familiar with the campus environment and MCC’s culture. Outside...

Brianna Wegmann


Brianna Wegmann returns to the Calumet after joining last semester. She likes being on the Calumet because It’s fun and a good learning experience. She enjoys working as a team, going into the field, talking to people she knows...

Blake Thorson


Blake Thorson, previous editor in chief of the Calumet, returns for his fifth semester at MCC. He rejoins the Calumet for the third semester after giving his word last spring to return. “I told you I would join. I like to...

Taylor Cameron


Taylor Cameron is in her first semester on MCC’s Calumet newspaper. Cameron likes being outdoors and taking photos, “of stuff” as well as writing to accompany her photos. Cameron joined the Calumet because she is interested...

Bradley Burton


Third-year MCC student Bradley Burton is from Durant, Iowa. He joined the Calumet because his major is journalism. He wants to improve his writing skills, take pictures, and make sure news is getting out to students and faculty. Burton...

Mikaela Hoover


Mikaela “Mik” Hoover returns to the MCC campus for her second semester after a semester off. Not only was MCC cheaper than a university, but, “it’s a really good campus for a community college, and it has a lot of opportunities,”...

Sharon Adasme


Third-year student Sharon Adasme chose MCC to get her gen-eds done. She hopes to transfer to St. Ambrose after graduating in the spring. Her area of study is media communications. She has lived in Muscatine all her life, but...

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