Sharon Adasme

Sharon Adasme, Editor

Third-year student Sharon Adasme chose MCC to get her gen-eds done. She hopes to transfer to St. Ambrose after graduating in the spring.

Her area of study is media communications. She has lived in Muscatine all her life, but has done plenty of travelling. As a foreign exchange student in France for one year,

Adasme toured all of Europe. While she says it was a good experience, it was tough being far away from family and friends. Adasme also travelled to the Philippines to serve as a Mormon missionary. She taught about Jesus and his gospel, while learning Tagalog, which is the Philippines national language. Adasme first heard about the Calumet when advisor Mark Ridolfi came to her creative writing class and talked about joining the newspaper. She later joined the Calumet during her second year of college.

She’s been on the Calumet for a year and a half now, and is the editor in chief.

Outside of MCC, Adasme enjoys coming up with short story ideas with her twin sister, Kimi, singing and playing the trumpet. She likes reading fiction including Harry Potter, and plans to join the Quidditch team this year.

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Sharon Adasme