Therapists share their views on cannabis legalization

Gage Thompson

March 10, 2020

With the legalization of cannabis looming across the Mississippi River, some health professionals are considering the implications of a public who may not fully understand what’s to come. Mary Engholm, Director of Operations...

To preserve, protect, defend and door knock

Daniel Salazar

February 25, 2020

People always talk about the Iowa Caucus and how crazy things are. But according to the Pew Research center only about 20% of registered Republicans and 40% of Democrats actually participate in the caucuses. On Feb. 3, I was able to b...


Claudia Artola

February 25, 2020

Oxford dictionary defines “caucus” as: “A meeting at which local members of a political party register their preference among candidates running for office or select delegates to attend a convention.” But what really...

Tobacco Law annoys young users

Nikolas Martin and Yasmine Cruz

February 20, 2020

As the new tobacco law raises legal buying age to 21, many young smokers have become more and more vocal about their thoughts on it. The Calumet went out and spoke to four of them to hear what they had to say. Mason McCull...

Meet your new MCC student senators

October 18, 2018

                By Taylor Cameron and Yasmine Cruz Daniel Salazar a first year student at MCC and is a new Student Senate member. Salazar’s goals while o...

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