Anxiety poem: College, by Yasmine Cruz


By Yasmine Cruz

Overflowing and overwhelmed

Late nights filled with homework, no sleep

Early mornings filled with coffee

Constantly trying to maintain a decent grade

College life is a constant struggle

Struggling to remember what day the test is

Struggling to finish all your homework on time

Struggling to stay awake when coffee doesn’t help,

Working around classes to get a decent paycheck

Making sure you are financially stable with no loans

The college life is not easy but we can make it through,

Friends in classes offering help with homework

Teachers who don’t want to see you fail offer help

Friends who remind you when assignments are due

Teachers who encourage you to ask questions and ask for help

And at the end of the day, when your classes are done

You realize that you are stronger today than you were yesterday.

Despite the hard times and the struggles

We grow stronger everyday as long as we continue trying

For when we stop trying, that is when we truly fail.