Nerd of Few Words


By Yasmine Cruz, staff writer

By Yasmine Cruz

With a Ph.D in plant biology, please welcome the new Human Bio teacher Ben Beydler.

Originally from Davenport, Beydler has lived in Buffalo, Iowa for the last several years. Even so, Beydler has been thinking of moving back to Davenport and building a cabin on some acres he owns.

After graduating from University of Iowa, Beydler worked a string of odd jobs. “I worked retail, landscaping, even tossed some boxes around at FedEx for a bit,” Beydler says.

When Beydler is not working, he enjoys spending time in his garden. With his degree in plant biology, he sure does have a green thumb. Beydler grows raspberries and enjoys making them into wine.

He also enjoys playing Magic: The Gathering. “A couple times a year, I’ll travel to tournaments to play,” Beydler says. He also enjoys spending time with his two daughters and their cat, Helen.

Erin Irish, Beydler’s former thesis advisor, is a professor at the University of Iowa. She distinctively remembers Beydler as an excellent student and writer. Beydler worked in her lab for 6 years and she claims he is well trained to teach Human Bio. When Irish first met him, he was very reserved and a person of few words.

“I remember having questions on tests that students could write a paragraph explaining their answers and Ben would always find some way to answer the question with one word,” Irish says.

Beydler like other teachers believes in not putting off tasks that can be done today. “Don’t leave for tomorrow anything that can be done today,” Beydler says. Though he can be serious when teaching, Beydler believes he is more relaxed and laid back than most teachers.