New MCC Magazine: Willetta


By Yasmine Cruz, Staff writer

By Yasmine Cruz

A creative arts magazine sounds like it would need a team of at least 20 members to run it, but MCC is starting their own with only 6 members. Lisa Powell started a new class this semester with the hope that her students could put together a creative arts magazine. The class consists of Caitlin Skipton, Quyen Do, Jennifer Fernandez, Taylor Cameron, Yasmine Cruz, and Trevor Myers with instructor Powell. The first thing students had to do was choose a name for their magazine. In honor the first dean of MCC, the students decided to name the magazine ‘Willetta’ after Willetta Strahan. The students have been very dedicated to their magazine and are hoping to get an issue out going for next semester.

Caitlin is the Editor in Chief of the magazine. She is responsible for checking in with everyone to see how submissions are going as well as checking to see if anyone needs any help. Quyen is head of business and art. She is responsible for figuring out how much everything is going to cost and she is responsible for the creation of our website. Jennifer is the social media director and editor of play/film scripts. She is responsible for running the social media pages, which includes Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Taylor, well known for her photography, is the head editor of drawing and photography. She is also responsible for teaching the staff how to work InDesign. Yasmine is the head editor of poetry and short stories. Trevor is the head of marketing which means he is responsible for getting our name out there.

Currently, the students are looking for submissions in various categories. You can submit poetry, fiction/nonfiction, drama/screenwriting as well as various forms of photography. The submission deadline is April 30th and you can either email us or go to our website to submit. The magazine is not just for the school but rather the community.