Till next time, Calumet


By Taylor Cameron

I’m not the type who is good with saying goodbye to new people who have become close friends or to places I have been, but I’m going to try my best and make sure I tell everyone who has ever been there for me or helped throughout my time here at Muscatine Community College.

In the fall of 2016, I started my journey here at MCC not sure of what I was coming here to do or what to be. I had no friends to talk to when I started here so, I normally sat in my car after my classes and read a book that I brought with me and yes even during the winter when it was cold I would start my car and sit in there where I felt comfortable.

It wasn’t until I started on the Calumet that I truly felt that I was a part of something, and I didn’t have to sit in my car like a loner. I won’t lie, I was shy at first when I joined the newspaper. I sat by myself and waited for the editor, Sharon Adasme, to give me an assignment of things to go get pictures for the Calumet.

Once I got comfortable around these new people, I began to talk more and felt like I had some friends I could talk to when I needed someone. The old Calumet staff and I got close as a family would be, but then three of the staff moved to different schools to continue their education.

I started the following year as an editor with one staff member, Yasmine Cruz. Then two grew to three that same semester. Although we were a small staff we worked hard and put out papers each month until Christmas break. After the break, our small staff of three grew to six.

This group of hard-working students, even under immense stress, managed to put out five papers in their last semester!

As I say see ya later to these guys I also want to thank them. Yasmine Cruz, Aubrey Doescher, Claudia Artola, Antonio Dabeet, and Daniel Salazar thank you guys so much for all you did this semester for the Calumet.

Mark Ridolfi, thank you for putting up this us and our shenanigans. Nancy Luikart and Renae Britt, thank you for being there for me and my staff when we needed you guys. Lastly, a big thank you to everyone who helped us get content for the paper and took the time to read what we as a campus had to say.

So, see ya later MCC and I will be back to see what all the future Calumet staff has done since I have left. I also want to say good luck to all my Calumet family as you guys take on a semester without me because I know you will all do great! Just remember that I’m always a text, call, snap, or facetime away.


By Antonio Dabeet


I have been at Muscatine Community College for three semesters and have two semesters left. I am so excited to get my associate degree and be an engineer. I learned a lot but not enough. I am not perfect, but I do my best. Also, I’ve enjoyed my time with the clubs I’m involved in on campus. I’m incredibly thankful for my advisers helping me throughout each semester.


Experiences that I have learned from everyone has given me a powerful and helpful understanding of how to deal with certain situations.


I truly appreciate the Robert Kaufmann Award for an outstanding freshman, that Jeff Kaufmann awarded me with. It meant a lot to me that I received that award. I’m also happy for the people that I know who also received awards and for the students that will be graduating at the end of this semester, but at the same time, I’m also sad because the awesome people I’ve come to know are moving forward with their educations.


I got to know a lot of people from MCC, but some of them mean a lot to me. Taylor, Delaney and the Calumet team. I just want to say bye to my best friend, Taylor Cameron, and to my favorite people, that I’ve come to know. I will always have my memories with these special individuals and I will never forget this amazing memory I’ve created with them. Also, I would like to say the best luck for all the students at MCC and I hope to see you all next semester.


By Yasmine Cruz

Well, another semester has come and gone. These past two semesters have been an amazing experience and I have greatly enjoyed getting to know the Calumet staff and look forward to the next school year. At the beginning of the school year, I had no plans of joining Calumet but after meeting Taylor Cameron, I knew I had to join. Taylor has definitely taken me under her wing and taught me everything she knows and she will be dearly missed here as she moves to Chicago. This year I am proud to have been in charge of two pages that allowed me to reach out into the community here on campus. The poetry page is a passion of mine but unfortunately, I will be ending it next year. The recipe page has been a huge hit and has allowed staff members to share their recipes as well. I hope to continue this page for the next couple of semesters. Being part of the Calumet doesn’t just mean you’re responsible for writing stories. I enjoy spending time in the Calumet room with the rest of the staff laughing, jamming out to music, and sharing funny stories while enjoying the occasional treat. The Calumet staff has definitely become a second family to me and is great for those who may not know where they belong. I’d like to encourage everyone to consider joining the Calumet next semester, and I look forward to what the future holds for us.

By Claudia Artola

When I joined MCC in 2017, I didn’t know what to expect. I had just moved from California and everything seemed so new to me. I got in without the intention of making

any new friends or experiences of any kind. If I’m being blunt, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to be here. I knew exactly how my two years in MCC were going to go and it was really simple. Get in, pass my classes, get out and leave as soon as I could. 

I didn’t think about all the possibilities MCC could offer me and nothing could have prepared me for everything that was coming. I never thought about joining clubs or being part of other activities.  I was still pretty shy and had a hard time making friends. 

But after some time, I noticed how nice everybody was. So I decided to make a decision that would affect my whole experience here. I started meeting new people, talking to them, and creating bonds and memories that would forever be with me. I can’t explain how much these people have influenced my life since I joined. It would take hours to name all of them and days to express my affection for them. 

I’ve experienced things that I thought were only possible in TV. I’ve grown and improved as a person. I’ve seen myself change and achieved things I never expected. I joined groups that allowed me to learn, create, and put my heart in things I care about. Most importantly, I’ve shared moments that won’t come back but will forever remain in my heart. 

My advice? Be brave. Do things you wouldn’t normally do and experience as most as you can. Do as most as you can because college provides you a new chance daily. It gives you the opportunity to better yourself every day and try again.